6/13/16 Scripture Reflection

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6/13/16 Scripture Reflection Empty 6/13/16 Scripture Reflection

Post by JGStu on Mon Jun 13, 2016 7:05 am

Read John 20:27-29
John 20
John 21

He Is Alive

We’re reading the great news about Jesus today as we focus on the last two chapters in the book of John. Mary Magdalene, Thomas and Peter give us their authentic reactions to the risen Lord. Peter told Jesus He would never deny Him, but Peter did. How will Jesus treat Peter now? Let’s read John 20 and 21.


How does this passage impact your devotion to Jesus? Thank Jesus that He is alive! Jesus wasn’t finished with Peter. How does that make you feel about your failures? How has Jesus restored you?

Thank you for studying the Bible with us! We pray you keep the passion and momentum going as you encounter God through His Word.


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6/13/16 Scripture Reflection Empty Re: 6/13/16 Scripture Reflection

Post by Ericajoy on Fri Jun 17, 2016 5:18 pm

The disciples must have truly felt lost when Jesus died. john 20:23 is curious to me. Forgive and they will be forgiven. Don't forgive and they won't be forgiven. I don't understand it.

I like how all the different disciples are described as being different. Peter - impetuous, Thomas - skeptical, etc. But Jesus had a plan for them all and a different plan for each. The main thing was that they follow Him. Life isn't a competition about whose going to be the "best Christian" but it's about following the path God has planned for me.


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